Next-generation technology.
More than meets the eye.

Welcome to the intersection of science, performance and style. Safe Reflections was born out of a need for stronger, more versatile adhesives. Our on-staff scientists continue to develop proprietary solutions for today’s newest fabrics and applications. Our deep understanding of glass bead technology has allowed us to develop breakthrough products that bring a higher level of comfort, performance, durability and style to garments. Think of Safe Reflections as your solutions partner. Our reflective experts, color specialists and adhesives/chemical engineers strive to meet your needs and exceed expectations.


    Brilliant™ Color

    Finally, silver is not your only reflective option. The first high-brightness, colorfast, wash-durable color reflective! This patented technology produces colored rolls with over 300RA brightness from any glass-beaded retroreflective input material. About 30% of the glass bead surface remains exposed, allowing light to shine into the silver bead and reflect back. The remaining 70% of the surface holds a color pigment to match your specifications. Our process locks the pigment with almost no visible color change after 50+ warm home washes. Over 100 brilliant colors have been achieved through this tonal colorization process. Choose from our seven standard (most popular) colors or let us create one specifically for you. This RSL compliant reflective material is available in roll form, heat transfer logos, trims or piping.

    Airex Segmented

    Comfort that outshines the competition. Airex® Custom Segmented Reflective Trims, Logos, Rolled Goods and Self-Weeding Transfers offer the perfect combination of outstanding reflective performance, durability and breathable comfort. Our proprietary segmentation process allows the fabric to move with the garment, keeping work crews and athletes cool and comfortable. What’s more, after 100 wash cycles, Airex Segmented can retain twice the reflective performance of solid reflective.

    Tribondex™ Adhesive

    Our roots are in developing better, more versatile adhesive systems and that objective continues. Today all of our Eclipse™ Reflective Logos are based on 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material and our own line of proprietary Tribondex adhesives to produce a heat transfer that works specifically for your fabric and application. We have custom adhesives for low-temperature and high-stretch fabrics. Our adhesives are the base of our “self-weeding” technology, allowing for fewer steps and a lower cost.